Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Book Review: Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland

I love technology. Love the world wide web. Love the fact that I can find answers to anything that puzzles me instantly. Love the fact that I can access my data at any time trusting the security policies implemented by IT professionals. Like many others, I assume that the these policies ensures that our data is kept in the 'vault'. I hear of breaches, of websites been taken down, of trojans and what not, however, Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland, cleverly takes you through a simple process on how a very secure system can be breached by using information that is out there, great acting skills, psychology and with a lot of smarts.

If you know what your looking for, where to look and what questions to ask, people can provide you with enough information that when pieced together it is enough to infiltrate the most sophisticated and secure IT systems and that is what Brody Taylor, a computer hacker, does in a bid to make amends and impress the woman he loves.

This is a short standalone book. It is a great read and I enjoyed it from start to finish. The next book in the series, Invasion of Privacy, features Brody Taylor who continues to do his thing as a computer hacker. 

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