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Falling for the Boss: Part 4

Please be advised that the following story is intended for an adult audience. Thank you!

The Re-Kindling
Arriving at the restaurant, we were quickly shown to a quiet table. After placing our orders we were then left alone albeit briefly. Reaching across the table, Evan took my hands and covered them with his. His thumb slowly drawing circles on my palm.

"I have some explaining to do. Don’t I?" He queried in a deep rumble.

"I am confused, Evan", I admitted softly, "you have been ignoring me, but making sure that I am looked after not to mention this intense tension between us and the kiss."

"I am sorry, Sweetheart. You have no idea, how dear you are to me but I couldn't get closer to you until I was free to do so. I couldn't even let you know how I felt about you. That night in my office... I had to dig deep to stop myself from claiming you. From holding you. From kissing you. When you walked out it felt like I was losing a part of me. I know this all sounds a bit heavy but I have had some really strong feelings for you and I couldn't do anything" he repeated, sounding more tortured and devastated by the memory of what he went through over the past months.

The appearance of our server with our food temporarily halted the conversation. However once he left, we did more talking than eating with Evan telling me how his ex-wife tried to dig up dirt on him so as to get more money from him. He spoke of how betrayed he felt when he witnessed her infidelity and her callous behaviour, on how he longed to kiss me the first time we met but put it aside as a temptation that he would never succumb too because he was married. How proud he was of my efforts within the company especially how I had turned the administration team around to become integral support to the operations. In turn, I mentioned how my feelings were in turmoil ever since I met him and how helpless and torn I felt that, especially that night in his office.

We had so much to talk about and would have kept going but the restaurant had to close for the night and they were very apologetic about it. Back in the car, Evan pulled me tight against his side after giving the driver my address. He must have got it from HR as I didn't recall giving it to him. Conscious of the driver, I was happy to just cuddle though he was driving me slowly to a fever pitch of wanting! His hand gently stroked my arm, my hip. The air between us was charged and I felt like I would combust at any moment.

The drive to my apartment was a blur. I vaguely heard Evan say something to his driver before he walked me into the foyer. Once inside, he turned to me. Tilting my face up with one hand, his eyes caressed my face before swooping in to claim my lips. The kiss started of gentle, but got intense really quickly. My hands slid up his chest to clasp his neck and to then the back of his head pulling him in, deepening the kiss.

He suddenly wrenched his lips away, softly cursing, his fingers digging into my waist "Which one is yours?" he asked, jaw tight with his barely controlled passion.

Correctly interpreting his request, I took his hand and led him up to the second floor. He was hot on my heels. I had barely got the door open, before he took control. Shutting the door, while at the same time, pushing me up against the wall, his mouth swooped down to claim mine in a searing open mouthed kiss. Our tongues duelling, stroking, sucking. I lost all feeling in my legs under the ferocity of this kiss and it was a good thing he was holding me up. I moaned as his lips left mine to move across my face to my ear and neck, one of his hands at my neck holding me tight whilst his other caressed its way down to my arse, squeezing and finally lifting me and pulling me closer to bludging erection. Claiming my lips again, he assaulted my senses with a fierceness that rocked me anew. Like me he was barely holding on. I wanted more.

With my hands clasped around his neck, threaded through his hair, holding on, I moaned into his mouth while I rubbed my core shamelessly over the hard length of his cock, trying to ease the intense pressure that was gathering in force within me. Moving his hands, he gripped my waist tight to hold me still. With a deep groan, he gentled the kiss before pulling away and rested his forehead on mine for a moment giving us a moment to get our breath back. Pulling back slightly he looked deep into my eyes, before he turned round and carried me over to the couch.

Setting me down, he slowly undressed me, placing kisses on my chin, shoulder while his hands were busy. I soon stood before him, wearing just a flush, my skin felt so sensitive, craving his touch. His gaze was riveted on my face, watching my every emotion, before it moved down my body ever so slowly. My body seemed to flower under his scrutiny. Bringing his gaze back to mine, the intensity in his eyes, made my already overly aroused body grow heavier and the throb between my legs intensified.

With a growl, he swung into action, quickly removing his clothes with such haste that before I knew it, I was back in his arms, his lips seemed to be sucking my breath away. My body flush against his hard length. Skin on skin. His hands like mine were everywhere. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other, our movements were frantic and the sensations were overwhelming.

Lowering me down onto the couch, he followed, his body once again covered mine, his lips caressed one swollen nipple, while his other hand cupped my other breast lightly pinching the nipple. Moving to my other breast, he laved at the nipple, his other hand, moving slowly down my body to where I most needed him.

"You are so wet," he huskily murmured and parted me with his fingers, sliding one long finger into me.

I couldn't speak, all my senses were centred on what he was doing to me between my legs. I clutched the cushions by my head as he added another finger, thrusting them in and out.

"I have to be in you. I can't wait", he said sounding dangerously close to edge. He left me but he was back so quick, that I didn’t get a chance to miss the searing heat of his body. Tearing a foil packet and rolled on a condom over his thick cock.

Leaning over me, he placed his arms on either side of my face and leaned in, using his arms to keep most of his weight of me. Bracketing my face in this manner, he leaned in further and took my lips in a searing kiss and thrust into me. My back arched and I groaned into his kiss, breaking away on a sob. It was too much. He set a furious rhythm, his whole hard body, tense, sweat breaking out but he didn't let up. My hips rose up to meet his thrusts and I screamed his name as I came. Evan followed, his hands on my hips, holding on tight as his whole body tensed. The pleasure was so intense, that I felt wrung out and boneless. We stayed like that for a while, getting out breath back.

"Your mine", Evan murmured as he eased out of me slowly. He quickly discarded the condom and gathered me in his arms as he rolled to the side of the couch, tucking me tight against him.

I was his. I think I was his from the first day we met and now I couldn't imagine having a life without him knowing how he felt about me. Agreed we hadn't said the words to each other, but his actions, the way he made love to me, all screamed out that he cared. He cared a lot.

That night, we barely slept. We talked in-between bouts of intense and frantic lovemaking and by morning, I found myself promising that I would move in with him in a months’ time, when my lease was up.

The Future
Six months later, we are still crazy about each other. I am fully entwined in his life and I can’t imagine not having him by my side. He is the breath of air that I need to survive, my rock, and he is my best friend. The love of my life.

To make things easy for us at work, I found a fantastic position which offered great benefits and so much more opportunity. Evan had wanted me to stay on so that I was close by, however he relented when I told him that the company was located next door and that this would eliminate any snide comments and insubordination that I could potentially face if I stayed on along with boost my career would get from this opportunity.

Our days were filled with laughter and our nights were scorching hot! One night, he surprised me by proposing while I lay lax and pliable after a long bout of slow, real slow lovemaking which left me hoarse from all the screaming and panting as he brought me to four intense climaxes before he took his own pleasure from my body. Saying yes, I kissed him senseless, my last thoughts before falling into a deep sleep, was how blessed for having met this gorgeous and loving man.

Copyright Tia J. Lee 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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