Saturday, 8 August 2015

Book Review: Uncaged by Paige Notaro

From the description, Uncaged by Paige Notaro sounded dark and gritty. It didn't quite get there for me, but I did find the story entertaining.

It is the story of a naive young girl who along with her friend head into Mexico. She then finds herself drugged and sold all because she innocently believed and trusted her so called friend. As the story unfolds, she understands that she has to take care of herself if she wants to survive the situation she finds herself forced into.

Her 'Owner' has Cartel connections. However, I must have missed something when reading it as I could not figure out what the connection was. He does come across as slimy and like most villains, untrustworthy. He does like illegal cage fights and he takes Georgia to one, and that is where she meets Andre.

Andre who has his own demons and is a lethal fighter, sponsored by the Cartel. Of course, he is one sexy man. He helps Georgia get away from her 'Owner' and subsequently they fall in love with other.

In order to protect her from the Cartel, Andre requests the help of his brother Dennis and his girlfriend Maria and together they try to keep her safe.

I found the story sweet and action packed, with a fair bit of conflict.

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