Friday, 28 November 2014

Fidelity No More

Please be advised that the following story is intended for an adult audience. Thank you!

On my first day with the company, I was assigned to the office right at the back of the space and this suited me just fine. In fact it was more than fine. It was great. The layout was such that I had to sit facing the door and the ceiling to floor glass next to it, allowing me to see the open-cubicle interactions without coming across as intrusive or stalker-ish.

Most of my colleagues in the open-office space, absolutely hated the fact that I have an office especially as I am not a manager or even a supervisor! Their snide comments initially hurt but they were jealous - that's what I told myself. So now, when they do not reign in their comments, I just smirk at them and walk away. I find this much more effective then bantering with them as it drives them nuts! I should point out that all the other managers have their own offices except for one and it annoys the fuck out of him, that I, a nobody, was given an office. So much so, that when I left work early or did anything out of the norm, he made a comment loud enough for all to hear and if no-one heard, then he would repeat it again and again. Totally pathetic in my opinion.

Now David is a title person. He needs to let everyone know what his role within the company is. He is full of self-importance and he cannot function if he doesn't know what is happening to others in the office. Gossip, should be his middle name along with double standards! He tries to come across as funny, and at times, the stuff he says is so outrageous that you can't help but laugh. Of Italian background, he thinks he is charming, smooth, and totally charismatic and I can see how this appeals to some, however for the majority of people - he gets on their nerves. Mine included.

As time went by, I was constantly amused by the interactions between Mr Casanova and one really young and pretty brunette who acted dumb but in actual fact was a lazy intelligent woman. They both sat on the same row of partitions and when anything happened, they would call each other and whisper stuff. If they passed each other's desks, the whispering continued with their heads close to each other. When I asked one of my colleagues if there was something going on, the response was a negative and that those two were really good friends.

The collaboration between the two was spot on and would do any team proud. If David wanted something doing, Gina would do it and vice versa. They were so in tune with each other that just by looking at each other; they knew what the other was thinking. It was uncanny and I found myself guessing what they were up to before the event occurred to make my day go faster during those slow moments.

I found out through another colleague that David had been married before but an affair with his work colleague at a previous company ended in divorce. He did end up marrying this colleague and they had just celebrated their third anniversary. This made my observations that much more interesting. I couldn't help but feel that sense of anticipation. That feeling that something was going to take place and I was in a prime spot ready to capture it. They was no denying it, they were definitely close. The touching of each other appeared to be more like caresses and seemed to get longer and softer and the air surrounding them seemed to crackle with sexual tension, in my opinion anyhow.

Would they? Would he? I didn't want to believe that David would cheat on his wife again or that Gina would become the other woman! However, the way they were going on, it was highly possible that they would cave to this attraction brewing between them. I could ponder all I wanted, but how would I know? I mean, they wouldn't walk into the office, once they had done the deed, and advertise it to all and sundry? Neither would they walk in with a neon sign flashing over their heads saying 'We had sex, last night'. At the end, I found out by accident. 

I had to work back one evening mostly because my inconsiderate colleagues failed to get me their information on time and the report that I was working on had to be on the Chief Financial Officer the next day. I sent a copy to print and walked over to the printer only to find that it was out of paper. With no spare reams in sight, I decided to check the other levels. Deciding to use the stairs, rather than the elevator, I made my way to the floor below me. Before heading over to the printer, my full bladder was screaming out for relief. I read somewhere that holding it in did immense damage to the internal workings. Be it fact or fiction, I needed to go and detoured to the toilets. As I pushed open the door to the toilets, the reflection in the mirror made me pause in shock, my jaw dropping in utter disbelief!

David had his pants down by his legs and he was furiously pumping into Gina who was propped up against the wall with her dress around her waist and head thrown back. She had her eyes closed, face lax with the pleasure building up in her as highlighted by her soft panting which was getting faster and faster! They hadn't seen me! Softly closing the door, I tiptoed all the way back to the stairwell and made my way back upstairs. It was only after I got to my desk, I realised that I had forgotten the ream of paper. Retracing my steps, to the stairwell, I went up to the next level, each step doing nothing to diminish the image of their coupling which was now branded in my head.

So much for fidelity in a relationship!

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