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Falling for the Boss: Part 3

Please be advised that the following story is intended for an adult audience. Thank you!

The Unraveling
I didn't see much of Evan over the next few months. When we did cross paths, the casual banter was practically non-existent but his gaze on me was heavy and smouldering. I heard from Macy that his divorce was close to be finalised and that he was throwing himself into one venture after the other to keep busy. On more than one occasion, she expressed her worry over his state of mind. No-one else seemed concerned but I totally agreed with her. I worried about him and I wished that I could just walk up to him and offer everything I had so that he could feel better. But that was a daydream, one that I had no right to indulge in, no matter what my heart felt.

A few days after the "moment" with Evan in his office, HR called Betty in for a meeting. Whatever was discussed had her in a seriously angry mood. She had stormed into her office with two security guards and the HR Manager in her wake, swearing the whole time she packed up her belongings and was then escorted out of the building. Apparently she had been accused of being a bully and had been caught stealing money from the office management account.

With Betty no more, I got offered the job with the promise of management training and whatever else I deemed essential that would make me succeed in this new role. It was highlighted to me that everyone was aware that I had been "doing" the job while Betty took the credit so I shouldn't have any issues with the transition. I was ecstatic. The responsibility was enormous but I knew I was up to the challenge and it was definitely a huge step up from what I was doing. Lady luck was still looking after me and I had Macy to thank as her recommendation carried a lot of weight. I also had a feeling that Evan might have had something to say about the matter but had nothing to substantiate this feeling.

With my new responsibilities, I couldn't help Macy out as much as I used to, however we did try and go out for lunch every so often and it was through these encounters I kept up to date with how Evan was tracking emotionally without seeming obviously interested. The gossip rags had plenty to say about his social life with image after image showing him various gorgeous women and every time I caught a glimpse of the latest flavour of the month, my insides twisted horribly. This infatuation with him, had crept up, taking over my emotional state and I needed to shake it as he so obviously was not interested in me irrespective of that little moment that we shared months ago.

I had to move on and shake this unhealthy obsession that I had for Evan. In order to do so, I started seeing Barry, this sweet guy from the accounts division. Although my pulse refused to quicken whenever I was with him, we did get on really well. Tonight was to be our third date.

Macy was super excited for me. She must have called a dozen times to give me tips and pointers. All our conversations ended with her telling me to make sure we kissed. The last time she called, I hung up on her but not after telling her to get back to work or else Evan would skin her.

I heard her chuckle as I placed the receiver down and with a smile on my face I turned back to my computer to finish my report. Just before I started to shut down for the day and head over to the ladies to freshen up, my phone rang. It was Barry.

"Hey Gorgeous, I have some bad news."

"Hi Barry, what's up? Everything OK?"

"Yeah. But I have to take a rain check for tonight. I have to do some cross referencing against the expense accounts and guess what, I have to get it done tonight. The Big Man's request from the sounds of things."

"Oh Barry, that's such a shame. Look you do what you have to. We can always go out another day so no stress."

I couldn't help but feel relived at this turn of events. As much as I liked Barry, I didn't want to lead him on if I felt nothing for him. Being honest with myself, I really couldn't see me with him - we just didn't click. There was no passion. We didn’t share “moments” and neither did we have unspoken conversations with just our eyes. After talking to him a few minutes more, I ended the call reassuring him that I was absolutely fine with the date being cancelled. Well then. It looked like I had a date with a book and whatever leftover food I had in my fridge.

Gathering my things I headed towards the elevator surprised to see that there wasn't a mass exodus taking place. I actually had the elevator all to myself but I spoke too soon as just as the doors began to shut a long fingered, very masculine hand from my fantasies stopped the doors from shutting. As the doors slid open, the owner of the hand, the man I was forever obsessing about stepped in.

My heart rate sped up. Every nerve in my body seemed to crackle with awareness. He turned round to look at me as the elevator made its decent. His gaze was heavy on me. He looked angry, his eyes hard as flint, his mouth clamped so tight, making me gulp. Taking a deep, unsteady breath, I took an involuntary step back. That small movement seemed to anger him even more.

Before I could say anything, the elevator stopped and more people walked in. Rather than move away from me, Evan stepped closer to make room for the others. His arm brushed mine. I held my breath. He shifted to give another some more space and ended up standing slightly behind me in one corner of the elevator. The heat emanating from his body made me swallow hard. I really wanted to lean back into the hard planes of his long, lean body; however, I forced myself to settle down even though my nerves were all over the place. Swallowing hard, I squared my shoulders just as the elevator doors slid open again.

As the others began to exit the elevator, I felt him grasp my elbow, stopping me from leaving with the others. His grip tightened briefly before he firmly but gently escorted me out to the front of the building where his car stood waiting. As he released my arm, he stopped in front of me. Looking up at him, I had to conquer my involuntary reactions to the now gentle and contemplative look in his eyes which was at odds to his expression just a few minutes ago making me lower my eyes in confusion.

"Have dinner with me?" he asked, his voice low and seductive.

I felt like a ninny, unable to utter a coherent word. I felt confused by the turn of events and it must have showed on my face as he reached out and gently pushed stray tendrils of my hair away from my cheek. The beginnings of a smile tipped the corners of his sexy mouth. When he spoke again his voice was infused with warmth.

"Have dinner with me," he repeated.

Finding my voice, I responded softly, "I have plans."

"No you don't", he countered smoothly. "Barry is otherwise tied up and you and I need to talk. No. I need to talk to you." He quickly corrected.

"You... I.... I can't believe you did that." I finally blurted out in a voice that was shaky. "How dare you interfere in my plans with Barry." I continued my voice hardening to the growing anger that now rippled through me. "What gives you the right to decide who I should see and what I should do?"

As his eyes darkening with some emotion, he reached out and cupped my face, murmuring softly "This gives me the right" and then his lips lightly touched mine sending a shock wave right through my entire body.

My thoughts scattered. All my attention was cantered on what his lips were doing. His hand moved to the back of my neck, pulling me closer as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, forcing my lips open with his thrusting tongue. I was there with him. Returning the kiss with everything I had in me and forgetting where we were, my hands finding perch on his strong, broad shoulders, hanging on for dear life.

He slowly eased back, raising his mouth from mine, looking into my eyes. "Have dinner with me?" he repeated before he placed another soft kiss on my lips.

Unable to refuse him, I nodded. Giving me another quick hard kiss, he took my hand gently and escorting me into his waiting car. Other than give his driver instructions, he spent most of the drive brooding and looking out the window, still holding onto my hand. I used this silence to relive the kiss and analyse what had just transpired. I was honest with myself, relying on my intuition which was jumping up and down in joy as this went much more than just an infatuation and from what I felt in Evan's arms and kiss, it meant something to him too but his current brooding made me doubt my intuition.

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