Friday, 17 July 2015

I Have To Tell You Something, Confess A Little Secret...

When Michele's gaze falls on a stranger on the street, she is gripped with an overwhelming desire to meet him. But it was not to be and that brief sighting causes her to obsess over him. A couple of years later, she decides to take control of her life and forever banish all thoughts of the stranger from her mind. She goes on a blind date, but before she can find her date, she sees him, the stranger...

I have to tell you something, confess a little secret — I have had my eyes on you.

I am sure it was your smile that first caught my eye. That flash of dazzling, roguish sexiness snared my attention and the rest of you... oh my! Your tall strong body, tanned skin, firm and strong jaw not to mention those wicked lips all commanded my attention.

I tried to follow you. Tried to keep you in my line of sight, but I was too slow. Your long stride, the surrounding crowd and the steady stream of cars all hindered my attempts. I prayed for a break in the traffic allowing me to run to your side of the sidewalk. I even wished, with everything in me, that the crowds would disperse or you realised you were walking in the wrong direction. My only desire at that point in time was to get closer to you so I could adore you, welcome your gaze on me and explore the sensations of your touch on me. But it was not to be.

You were with me all day long as I could not banish you from my thoughts. That smile of yours was the last thing I saw when I closed my eyes that night, and when I woke up, the next morning, I thought of you.

Unable to shake you from my thoughts, I knew I had to see you again and found myself loitering on the street where I had caught sight of you.

I scrutinised every person and earned a few weird looks for my efforts. I didn’t care. Regardless, I still checked every person who walked by, knowing it was unnecessary, but I worried that by not doing so, I would miss catching sight of you.

You had stood out from the crowd that day. Your height, the purpose in your stride, the hidden strength in your body, drew me in like a beacon allowing me to follow you until you disappeared. Your presence that day made me buzz with awareness and feel alive.

This urge to catch a glimpse of you one more time was compelling. Perhaps I could move on after looking at you one more time?

Much to my disappointment, you did not show up and staying on the sidewalk, waiting for you to appear was not an option. I had to get on with my life and stop this stalker-like behaviour. I looked at the spot where I noticed you one last time and then walked away with a heavy heart.

As the weeks passed, I forced myself not to walk down that street. The weeks turned into months and you became a memory. But not forgotten. Work kept me busy, my family kept me busy and I let you slip deeper into my memory cache.

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