Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mini Vacation Washout

Having got to work, only an hour ago, I  impatiently looked at the time. Less than a minute had passed. Time crawled. I wanted out. I wanted to go home.

I spent some time contemplating my options. I didn't have any guts to head home now which meant sticking around for at least half the day. Maybe I could head off after the end-of-quarter staff lunch? Which happened to be at least three hours away. Till then, I would have to do something... anything to make the day go by quicker.

It's not like I had nothing to do. On the contrary, I had plenty. But, today happened to be my last day at work before starting my mini break and this holiday fever had me restless and my attention scrambled.

My phone rang. I pounced on it, eager to talk and perhaps shave off a few more minutes. I noticed the number on the display panel and silently groaned. My manager wanted an urgent report. His request brought an end to my procrastination.

I immersed myself in the task and got right into it. Once complete, I seamlessly moved to my to-do-list. On a roll, I nearly didn't hear the knock on the door. Looking up, I noticed James, a colleague, standing on the threshold.

"Sorry to interrupt you, but are you still able to help with the lunch?"

I wasn't able to. In fact, it was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment. But this morning, to make my day go quicker, I offered to help and now James stood at my door, to remind me of that offer.

"Sure", I replied. After saving my work, I left my office following him to the kitchen. I grabbed the salads and did anything else that the lunch organisers wanted me to do.

After lunch, the rest of the day seemed to fly by. Before I knew it, the time to clock off and start my holiday.

The plan was to spend the next few days by the beach. Sun, sand and my hammock with my Kindle and lots of sleep. My aim, in short, to be totally and completely lazy. Bliss!

Yea right! Nature was conspiring against me as it rained for the next six days. Not a shower or two, but a steady downpour. I did not see the sun and no lazying about on the beach. Instead, I found myself stuck indoors. Which wasn't a bad thing as I'd still be able to catch up on my reading and be lazy. But I couldn't seem to stop from staring gloomily out the window, praying that the rain would ease up. It didn't.

It wasn't meant to rain, especially now. Traditionally all we saw this time of the year was the sun and with it unbearable heat. It got so hot that it felt like you were baking in an oven.  But this year was a total let down with the weather being more monsoonal and out of character. The cause being a cyclone on the other side of the country.

Before I knew it, my holiday was over and work beckoned. I may not have gotten any colour, but I whittled down my reading list and caught up on everything I had to watch. And if I was being honest myself, it had been a relaxing time. Though the sun and warmer weather would have been the icing on the cake.

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